Pasco County 1st Certified Marine Contractor

Water Ventures LLC was the 1st Certified Marine Contractor in Pasco County Florida.

We have been building and installing docks, piers, and installing Boat/PWC lifts and hoists since 2002.

"Georgio Kalogiannis, owner of Water Ventures from Port Richey, has recently finished the construction of a dock, boat lift and the refurbishing of an older dock at our home. I never met Mr. Kalogiannis before this project. He is very knowledgeable concerning his craft and takes great deal of pride in his work.The work was completed exactly as he promised and was finished on time. Our property was maintained in a neat and orderly manner during this process and the workmanship is what I would consider impeccable. I would not hesitate to use this company again and would recommend Water ventures to anyone who would ask."
A Castriota, Hudson FL






We can design, install, or extract all pilings. With the addition of a new barge and crane in 2006 we are now able to complete heavy marine construction projects such as hammering piles, drilling or jetting for piles for new dock construction, dock restoration or boat lifts.

Piling Protection

Perma Pile piling wrap.

Timber piles in salt or brackish water can be infested and destroyed by micro-organisms in the water column-commonly referred to as marine borers. The attack area occurs between the high water mark and the mudline/substrate.

PERMA PILE is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) encasement system that creates a stagnant envelope around the pile restricting oxygen and nourishment to the marine borers. PERMA PILE is designed to stop existing infestation and prevent further deterioration. Ideally, PERMA PILE should be installed on new or fairly new pilings.

PERMA PILE has a superior stress crack resistance, combined with high impact strength and rigidity. It is impervious to UV damage unlike PVC which becomes brittle after being exposed to sunlight.


  • Marine borer destruction prevented
  • No facility downtime
  • Adds years of service life
  • Virtually maintenance freefree estimate
  • Economical installation cost
  • Environmentally friendly