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Washer Plate
SKU: 905853
Use two washer plates with each angle. Measures 1 1/2''L x 5''H. Commercial grade.
Male T Connector
SKU: 905852
Commercial grade Male T Connector has one welded 1/2'' tab. Use with female T connector or outside corners to attach fingers and ramps. The use of back up plate or washer plates is recommended. 5''L x 5''H. Bolt set or connector pin required for joint.
Outside Corner End
SKU: 905846
Use this corner at ends of fingers and docks. Ideal for swim floats and ski jump corners. Use with inside corners, back up plates or washer plates. Standard grade. 10''L x 5''H corner.
Outside Pipe Holder
SKU: 905855
3'' OD bolts to outside of dock. Carriage bolt set required for attaching. Use 2'' pipe to hold dock in place. Commercial grade.
Outside Corner - Female
SKU: 905844
Commercial grade Outside Corner - Female. Use with a male outside corners or male T connectors. Each leg is 10''L x 5''H and has 2 1/2'' welded tabs.
Inside Corner Pipe Holder
SKU: 905849
These heavy duty inside corners should be used with one of the outside corners or back up plates. Measures 8 1/2" L x 5" H and as an internal 2'' pipe holder. Requires carriage bolt set for attaching.
Outside Corner - Male
SKU: 905827
Use with a female outside corner or female T connector to connect docks end to end. Joint requires 3/4" bolt set ot connector pin. Commerical grade. Each leg is 10''L x 5''H.
Inside Rolling Ramp Bracket
SKU: 905871
Rolling brackets are made from 5'' x 11'' x 1/4'' galvanized steel. The use of back up plates or washer plates is recommended. Available for left or right side mounting. Commercial grade.
Roller Assembly
SKU: 905858
Heavy duty roller assembly bolts directly to the deck plate and can be added to aid up-and-down motion of the dock in areas with tidal action. The 6" roller turns on a 5/8" diameter shaft and the 3/8" bracket is hot-dipped galvanized. Commerical grade.
Piling Hoop Roller
SKU: 905859
Intended for areas with lots of wind, current or tide. Combines the piling hoop (#905856) and the roller assembly (#905858) to make up and down movement easier. For pilings up to 12'' in diameter. Commercial grade.
Internal Piling Holder
SKU: 906775
14'' Commercial grade hot dipped galvanized with heavy duty rollers. 24'' x 24'' x 7 15/16''
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